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SynTech Centre for Doctoral Training

The SynTech CDT is a brand new training programme that aims to not only train students in synthesis and digital molecular technologies but also to bring diverse range of students from various background together, by building a cohort based community. As such, the centre have some very exciting upcoming events that will present students with opportunities to disseminate their research and network. Some examples include:

  • Welcome Event
  • Showcase Week
  • Weekly Journal Clubs
  • Monthly Research Seminars
  • Peer-to-Peer Presentations
  • SynTech Network Event for Academics: 22nd January at 16:00 (Todd Hamied, Department of Chemistry)
  • Annual CDT Symposium
  • Annual Industry Forum
  • Relevant University Symposium

  C2D3 Research Symposium

  • International Conferences:

  Machine learning and AI in (Bio)chemical Engineering

  AI for Reaction Outcome and Synthetic Route Prediction

Keep an eye out for more events.