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SynTech Centre for Doctoral Training


Bridging courses

Students in the CDT will be drawn from a broad range of training backgrounds and disciplines. They will necessarily need to attend bridging courses, which will be aimed to give them a good understanding of all areas covered by our CDT. Some of these will be drawn from existing Tripos or MPhil courses and some will be entirely new courses written to underpin the student knowledge base within our CDT.

Essentially, the CDT aims to train:

  • chemists in cheminformatics, computational parameterization, modelling and ML & AI concepts so that they understand clearly how best to work together with people skilled in the complementary areas of the SynTech-CDT.

  • theoreticians and data-scientists in understanding the challenges & demands of synthetic chemistry & process engineering and how ML & AI solutions might be realized from partnership with experts to solve challenging problems.

  • chemical engineers in understanding the practical challenges provided by synthetic chemistry & the difficulties they need to consider when, for example, translating synthesis to robotic systems, as well as how synthetic chemists & theoreticians might work with them to design experiments and facilitate these processes.

New and exciting bridging courses have been developed in order to fulfil all of these aims and indeed bridge a gap which has not been filled before.