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SynTech Centre for Doctoral Training


Linked closely to the HTS & flow chemistry themes, the CDT will train students to utilize the start-of-the-art in modern analytical techniques in their work, including adapting new analysis techniques for high throughput experimentation and modern small molecule mass spectrometry techniques (UPLCMS[MS], MALDI-ToF, Acoustic MS). Accessing industrial expertise will be an important aspect of the training, with students visiting industry partners where training can best be delivered in a specialized environment, for example in state-of-the-art purification for synthesis, high-throughput purification of small molecules or protocols for process scale separations. Students will also receive training in methods for in-line monitoring (particularly important for flow chemistry) connected with other spectroscopic methods.  We will also identify opportunities to capture the data accrued from these projects, enabling the application of ML/AI based approaches to the development of predictive structure determination & purification tools.