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Case study: Research Fellow

Dr Gonçalo Bernardes

Dr Gonçalo Bernardes was awarded a highly prestigious Royal Society Research Fellowship in June 2013, which covers salary and a limited amount of research funding.  Each year over 800 of the world's best young scientists apply for these five-year posts, but only 40 can be awarded.

A central goal of Dr Bernardes’ research is to develop treatments for disease by redesigning the chemical structure and functioning of proteins. For example, molecules that strategically release carbon monoxide in tumour tissues could efficiently kill cancer cells without the adverse effects associated with current therapies.

“Although my Research Fellowship covers my salary and some expenses, my research requires regular use of Mass Spectrometry for the characterization of the protein conjugates we design and build, which can be very expensive. I have taken much time away from the science to search and apply for grants to cover the costs of these analytical services, which are essential to my research.”

Next Generation start-up funding makes the Department more attractive to talented young researchers, because they can spend more time on their science and less time worrying about finding resources.