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Case study: Lecturer

Professor Tuomas Knowles

The Frances and Augustus Newman Foundation Next Generation Fellowship has supported the research of Professor Tuomas Knowles, who is exploring the causes of protein misfolding that underlie neurodegenerative diseases. He used his Next Generation Fellowship to attract talented scientists to his research group and equip his laboratory with state-of-the-art technology. The Fellowship has also allowed Dr Knowles to leverage crucial additional funding:

“Most of the funding we receive is tied to specific projects and we are not able to allocate it at short notice to pursue new directions as they emerge from our work. Funding from the Frances and Augustus Newman Foundation has been invaluable because of its unparalleled flexibility. We were able to acquire most of our initial equipment and fund a PhD student, which has allowed us to achieve so much in the last three years.”


Tuomas Knowles has now been promoted to a Professor in the Department.