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Postgraduate Admissions



Having finished my first year in the blink of an eye I still feel as excited and driven by the opportunities ahead as the day I started... 

I moved into college at the start of my first year welcomed by an array of activities (stargazing talks, BBQs, film nights etc) and people (older students as well as plenty of new student in the same position as I). Systems were in place to make sure that every PhD student had a “Buddy” that they could meet and who could show them around, ask questions or just meet up for a chat in both the college and in the department. Everything about starting at Cambridge made me feel welcome and starting in the lab was again just as welcoming. 

The support and opportunities offered by the college, department and university are something I like to be continuously involved with. Recently I have undergone a number of activities including, but not limited to, first aid training, college committee positions as well as being able to be involved in/ attend entrepreneurial challenges/ events.  This is one of the reasons I chose Cambridge. The opportunities available are limitless.

However, for me, being able to work on a project with a fantastic team and supervisors is what has made my time special. My PhD is the reason I am here and continues to be an experience I am incredibly thankful for. I am part of the theoretical RIG group, which has interesting seminars every week, which support my work in the cheminformatics area. The facilities and support to conduct my research have been first class. As a CASE student, I have the opportunity to work in the department as well as in industry, both in the UK and aboard. 

The thing about research is that you continuously realise how much more there is to learn and discover. For me that is part of what makes it so exciting and allows me to stay passionate and motivated. For me my project remains as interesting as the day I started. 

Overall my time here as been so full of new opportunities and exciting research that I can not wait to see what is ahead in the next few years.