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Postgraduate Admissions


Meet Our Postgraduates

Image above: Postgraduate Admissions Day October 2015. Image courtesy Nathan Pitt.

Meet some of our postgraduate students

They have all come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences, but they all agree that the opportunity to gain a postgraduate degree in Chemistry is unparallelled.



I’m a second-year PhD student researching asymmetric organocatalysis in Dr Finian Leeper's research group.

Find out more about Emma.




As part of Dr Andreas Bender's research group, I'm conducting research in informatics and how chemical space has changed over time.  

Find out more about Stephanie.  




I'm a third-year PhD student studying energy materials in Professor Clare Grey’s lab.

Find out more about Kent.





My undergraduate degree is in Physics, but now I'm now a second-year PhD student in Chemistry, studying the structural colouration of beetles' wings in Dr Silvia Vignolini's group.  

Find out more about Olimpia.