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Postgraduate Admissions

Dr Steven Lee

Building New Tools to Study Single Molecules

Our research centres on building new tools to study single biomolecules using a variety of advanced ultrasensitive optical techniques primarily through single-molecule fluorescence and super-resolution imaging techniques.

This requires an interdisciplinary combination of research skills including: chemistry, physics, engineering and computational methods that synergistically come together to help answer ‘real world’ biological problems by directly visualising biological processes inside living cells as they unfold.

I will talk about the technology of our newest 3D microscope which works via a “double helix point spread function” and the application of it to human immune cells and our recent work developing new dye molecules which will enable us to answer more challenging problems in the future.


PSD95 Nanoclusters are Postsynaptic Building Blocks in Hippocampus Circuits Sci. Rep. 2016, 6, No. 24626

Initiation of T Cell Signaling by CD45 Segregation at ‘Close Contacts’ Nat. Immunol. 2016, 17, 574.
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