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Postgraduate Admissions

Dr Paul Barker

Engineering Metalloproteins

The interplay between metal and protein chemistries is central to molecular biology. The intrinsic activities of metal ions are selectively tuned by binding to protein matrices; alternatively, protein structure is stabilised or altered upon metal ion binding.

By understanding the fundamentals of protein structure and dynamics, my group explores protein-metal binding sites through in vitro evolution and protein engineering combined with synthesis of novel metal complexes, including porphyrins.

We also examine the interaction between organometallic complexes and proteins and the protein binding of ruthenium arena complexes has potential for medicinal applications. Through the generation of novel metalloprotein complexes, we aim to provide new materials for molecular electronic, catalytic, pharmaceutical and biosensing applications.


How to Make a Porphyrin Flip: Dynamics of Asymmetric Porphyrin Oligomers Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2015, 17, 27094.
T  01223 763096