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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Dr Ziyi Yu is a Research Associate in Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. His main research interests focus on applying the microfluidic droplets as an experimental platform for microencapsulation and single cell analysis. Dr Yu was one of the main researchers on microfluidic projects funded by UK Research Council and the European Commission. He also leads several projects funded by Royal Society of Chemistry and Cambridge OpenPlant Funds. His honours and awards include Cambridge University Entrepreneurs 1K Award, Nanjing Recommended Outstanding Talent, and the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Jiangsu Province, China.


Microdroplets confined assembly of opal composites in dynamic borate ester-based networks
J Zhang, Y Qin, OJ Pambos, J Zhang, S Chen, Z Yu, C Abell
– Chemical Engineering Journal
Droplet microfluidics on analysis of pathogenic microbes for wastewater-based epidemiology
Y Ou, S Cao, J Zhang, W Dong, Z Yang, Z Yu
– TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Droplet-based microfluidic screening and sorting of microalgal populations for strain engineering applications
Z Yu, K Geisler, T Leontidou, REB Young, SE Vonlanthen, S Purton, C Abell, AG Smith
– Algal Res
A new design for living cell-based biosensors: Microgels with a selectively permeable shell that can harbor bacterial species
S Zhao, H Wen, Y Ou, M Li, L Wang, H Zhou, B Di, Z Yu, C Hu
– Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
A Covalent Black Phosphorus/Metal–Organic Framework Hetero‐nanostructure for High‐Performance Flexible Supercapacitors
T Wu, Z Ma, Y He, X Wu, B Tang, Z Yu, G Wu, S Chen, N Bao
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Photonic Plasticines with Uniform Structural Colors, High Processability, and Self‐Healing Properties
J Zhang, J Zhang, Y Ou, Y Qin, H Wen, W Dong, R Wang, S Chen, Z Yu
– Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
Microfluidic spinning-induced heterotypic bead-on-string fibers for dual-cargo release and wound healing.
Q Huang, F He, J Yu, J Zhang, X Du, Q Li, G Wang, Z Yu, S Chen
– Journal of materials chemistry. B
Fluorescent labeling based acoustofluidic screening of Japanese encephalitis virus
Z Liu, Y Lei, Z Yu, Z Meng, S Jin, X Qu, Z Jiang, F Zhang, X Wei
– Sensors and Actuators B Chemical
A hydrogel microsphere-based sensor for dual and highly selective detection of Al3+ and Hg2+
W Li, C Jiang, S Lu, F Wang, Z Zhang, T Wei, Y Chen, J Qiang, Z Yu, X Chen
– Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
Sessile Microdroplet-Based Writing Board for Patterning of Structural Colored Hydrogels
J Zhang, Y Qin, Y Shen, C Jiang, YT Tao, S Chen, BB Xu, Z Yu
– Advanced Materials Interfaces
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