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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Research Associate

Zhen Xu now is a Research Associate in Dr. Alexander Forse's group at University of Cambridge, focusing on the development of Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Capture.

He obtained PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London (2022), where he explored Nature-Inspired Carbon Materials for Sodium-Based Energy Storage under the supervision of Prof. Magda Titirici. Before starting his PhD studies, he received BEng in Polymer Materials and Engineering from Donghua University (2017). He studied Electrospun Polyindole Nanofibers for All-Solid-State Flexible Supercapacitors at State Key Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials (SKLFPM) supervised by Dr. Shengyuan Yang and Prof. Meifang Zhu.


Selected Publications:

Xu, Z., et al. Impacts of Supercapacitor Electrode Structure on Electrochemical CO2 Capture. ChemRxiv, 2024, DOI: 10.26434/chemrxiv-2023-nj817-v2.

Xu, Z.,* et al. Toward Emerging Sodium-Based Energy Storage Technologies: From Performance to Sustainability. Advanced Energy Materials, 2022, 12, 2201692.

Xu, Z., et al. The Role of Hydrothermal Carbonization in Sustainable Sodium‐Ion Battery Anodes. Advanced Energy Materials, 2022, 12, 2200208. 

Xu, Z., et al. Homogenous metallic deposition regulated by defect-rich skeletons for sodium metal batteries. Energy & Environmental Science, 2021, 14, 6381-6393. 

Xu, Z.,* et al. Electrospun Nanofibers-Based Face Masks. Advanced Fiber Materials, 2020, 2, 161-166.

Xu, Z.,* et al. Carbon Composite Anodes with Tunable Microstructures for Potassium‐ion Batteries. Batteries & Supercaps, 2020, 4, 663.

Xu, Z.,* et al. The rational design of biomass-derived carbon materials towards next-generation energy storage: A review. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2020, 134, 110308. 

Xu, Z., et al. All-Cellulose-Based Quasi-Solid-State Sodium-Ion Hybrid Capacitors Enabled by Structural Hierarchy. Advanced Functional Materials, 2019, 29, 1903895. 

Guo, Z.,# Xu, Z.,# et al. Investigating The Superior Performance of Hard Carbon Anodes in Sodium-Ion Compared with Lithium- and Potassium-Ion Batteries. Advanced Materials, 2023, 35, 2304091.

Wang, J.,# Xu, Z.,# et al. Stable Sodium Metal Batteries in Carbonate Electrolytes Achieved by Bifunctional, Sustainable Separators with Tailored Alignment. Advanced Materials, 2022, 34, 2206367.

Wang, J.,# Xu, Z.,# et al. Ice‐Templated, Sustainable Carbon Aerogels with Hierarchically Tailored Channels for Sodium‐ and Potassium‐Ion Batteries. Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 32, 2110862.

Tebyetekerwa, M.,# Marriam, I.,# Xu, Z.,# et al. Critical insight: challenges and requirements of fibre electrodes for wearable electrochemical energy storage. Energy & Environmental Science, 2019, 12, 2148-2160.

Book chapter: Hard Carbon Anodes for Na-Ion Batteries. In Sodium-Ion Batteries (eds M.-M. Titirici, P. Adelhelm and Y.-S. Hu), 2022.

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