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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



2,7-Dibromocarbazole interferes with tube formation in HUVECs by altering Ang2 promoter DNA methylation status.
C Ji, S Yue, J Gu, Y Kong, H Chen, C Yu, Z Sun, M Zhao
– The Science of the total environment
Maternal ambient air pollution exposure with spatial-temporal variations and preterm birth risk assessment during 2013–2017 in Zhejiang Province, China
Z Sun, L Yang, X Bai, W Du, G Shen, J Fei, Y Wang, A Chen, Y Chen, M Zhao
– Environment international
AhR Agonist Activity Confirmation of Polyhalogenated Carbazoles (PHCZs) Using an Integration of in Vitro, in Vivo, and in Silico Models
C Ji, C Shen, Y Zhou, K Zhu, Z Sun, Z Zuo, M Zhao
– Environmental science & technology
Submicrometer PM1.0 Exposure from Household Burning of Solid Fuels
W Du, X Yun, Z Luo, Y Chen, W Liu, Z Sun, Q Zhong, Y Qiu, X Li, Y Zhu, H Cheng, S Tao, G Shen
– Environmental Science & Technology Letters
Occurrence of nitro- and oxy-PAHs in agricultural soils in eastern China and excess lifetime cancer risks from human exposure through soil ingestion
Z Sun, Y Zhu, S Zhuo, W Liu, EY Zeng, X Wang, B Xing, S Tao
– Environment international
Occurrence and geographic distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in agricultural soils in eastern China
Z Sun, J Liu, S Zhuo, Y Chen, Y Zhang, H Shen, X Yun, G Shen, W Liu, EY Zeng, S Tao
– Environmental science and pollution research international
Multi-stage Ensemble-learning-based Model Fusion for Surface Ozone Simulations: A Focus on CMIP6 Models
Z Sun, A Archibald
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