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Department of Chemistry


Dr. Zehuan Huang is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis in University of Cambridge.

He received his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Tsinghua University (China) in 2013. After that, he joined Prof. Xi Zhang's group at the same univerisity as a PhD candidate. As shown in the following scheme, his PhD research was mainly focused on applying cucurbit[n]uril(CB[n])-based functional supramolecular systems to inter/multidisciplinary area, involving supramolecular chemistry, polymer chemistry, physical chemistry, antimicrobial and anticancer therapy, and catalytic chemistry. In 2018, he was awarded a PhD for his works on controllable association, assembly and function of cucurbiturils host-guest chemistry.

Dr. Zehuan Huang joined the Scherman group in Aug 2018 as a post-doc, working closely with Prof. Jeremy Baumberg from Physics Department for exploring new supramolecular catalytic systems. Later, in April 2019, he was awarded 'Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship'.

Currently, he works on tailoring non-covalent interactions for studying property-structure relationships in supramolecular hydrogels and peptide-based self-assemblies. Small is big; and Less is more.



Unprecedented Halide-Ion Binding and Catalytic Activity of Nanoscale Anionic Metal Oxide Clusters
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Supramolecular Emulsion Interfacial Polymerization
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Supramolecular Interfacial Polymerization of Miscible Monomers: Fabricating Supramolecular Polymers with Tailor-Made Structures
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Supramolecular Chemotherapy: Carboxylated Pillar[6]arene for Decreasing Cytotoxicity of Oxaliplatin to Normal Cells and Improving Its Anticancer Bioactivity Against Colorectal Cancer.
Q Hao, Y Chen, Z Huang, J-F Xu, Z Sun, X Zhang
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Antimicrobial cationic polymers: from structural design to functional control
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Supramolecular Polymerization Controlled through Kinetic Trapping
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Supramolecular catalyst functions in catalytic amount: cucurbit[8]uril accelerates the photodimerization of Brooker’s merocyanine
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Buildup of Redox-Responsive Hybrid from Polyoxometalate and Redox-Active Conducting Oligomer: Its Self-Assemblies with Controllable Morphologies
S She, Z Huang, P Yin, A Bayaguud, H Jia, Y Huang, Y Wei, Y Wei
– Chemistry - A European Journal
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