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Xin Fang joined Erwin Reisner's lab as a PhD student funded by CSC-Cambridge Trust scholarship in October 2015. His PhD research focuses on semi-artificial photosynthesis, an emerging strategy that brings together strengths of biocatalysis, synthetic materials and artificial toolsets to produce fuels and value-added chemicals with renewable energy source. Before this, Xin Fang received his master's degree in macromolecular chemistry and physics from Fudan University (Shanghai, China) in 2015 and a bachelor's degree in polymer materials science and engineering from Sichuan University (Chengdu, China) in 2012. 


Structure-activity relationships of hierarchical three-dimensional electrodes with photosystem II for semi-artifcial photosynthesis
X Fang, KP Sokol, N Heidary, TA Kandiel, JZ Zhang, E Reisner
– Nano Letters
Interfacial Engineering of a Carbon Nitride–Graphene Oxide–Molecular Ni Catalyst Hybrid for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity
H Kasap, R Godin, C Jeay-Bizot, DS Achilleos, X Fang, JR Durrant, E Reisner
– ACS Catalysis
Synthesizing Nitrogen‐Doped Core–Sheath Carbon Nanotube Films for Flexible Lithium Ion Batteries
Z Pan, J Ren, G Guan, X Fang, B Wang, S-G Doo, IH Son, X Huang, H Peng
– Advanced Energy Materials
Integration: An Effective Strategy to Develop Multifunctional Energy Storage Devices
S Pan, J Ren, X Fang, H Peng
– Advanced Energy Materials
A Cable-Shaped Lithium Sulfur Battery.
X Fang, W Weng, J Ren, H Peng
– Advanced Materials
Polymer Materials for Energy and Electronic Applications
H Peng, X Sun, W Weng, X Fang
A Gum-Like Lithium-Ion Battery Based on a Novel Arched Structure
W Weng, Q Sun, Y Zhang, S He, Q Wu, J Deng, X Fang, G Guan, J Ren, H Peng
– Advanced Materials
Stable Hydrophobic Ionic Liquid Gel Electrolyte for Stretchable Fiber‐Shaped Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cell
H Li, J Guo, H Sun, X Fang, D Wang, H Peng
– ChemNanoMat
Fabricating continuous supercapacitor fibers with high performances by integrating all building materials and steps into one process
B Wang, X Fang, H Sun, S He, J Ren, Y Zhang, H Peng
– Adv Mater
Designing one-dimensional supercapacitors in a strip shape for high performance energy storage fabrics
X Cheng, X Fang, P Chen, S-G Doo, IH Son, X Huang, Y Zhang, W Weng, Z Zhang, J Deng, X Sun, H Peng
– Journal of Materials Chemistry A
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