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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Tegan Stockdale currently works at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge and is completing her PhD in the total synthesis of marine polyketides with chemotherapeutic applications, under the supervision of Professor Ian Paterson. She previously completed her Dual Bachelors of Science and Bachelors of Laws at the School of Law and School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland. Tegan did her Honours research in Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. Their most recent publications are 'Caco-2 Monolayer Permeability and Stability of Chamaelirium luteum (False Unicorn) Open-Chain Steroidal Saponins' and 'Pharmaceuticals that Contain Polycyclic Hydrocarbon Scaffolds'.


Tegan's PhD work is within synthetic organic chemistry and methodology development, namely in the pursuit of the total synthesis of the complex marine polyketide hemicalide. With a 46 carbon backbone and 21 stereocentres, this molecule poses a significant challenge, especially given that the absolute stereochemistry of the molecule and parts of the relative stereochemistry is as yet unknown. Thus, the project aims to achieve synthesis-enabled elucidation of this fascinating target.


Caco‑2 Monolayer Permeability and Stability of Chamaelirium luteum (False Unicorn) Open-Chain Steroidal Saponins
TP Stockdale, VL Challinor, RP Lehmann, JJ De Voss, JT Blanchfield
– ACS Omega
ChemInform Abstract: Pharmaceuticals that Contain Polycyclic Hydrocarbon Scaffolds
TP Stockdale, CM Williams
– ChemInform
Pharmaceuticals that contain polycyclic hydrocarbon scaffolds.
TP Stockdale, CM Williams
– Chemical Society Reviews

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