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Department of Chemistry



The adsorption of 4-n-nonylphenol, carvacrol and ethanol onto iron oxide from non-aqueous hydrocarbon solvents.
RM Alloway, J Mong, IW Jephson, MH Wood, MTL Casford, P Grice, SV Filip, IE Salama, C Durkan, SM Clarke
– Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids
Multiscale Approach Linking Self-Aggregation and Surface Interactions of Synthesized Foulants to Fouling Mitigation Strategies
DM Kaimaki, BT Haire, HP Ryan, G Jiménez-Serratos, RM Alloway, M Little, J Morrison, IE Salama, MJ Tillotson, BE Smith, SJ Moorhouse, TS Totton, M Hodges, SG Yeates, P Quayle, SM Clarke, EA Müller, C Durkan
– Energy and Fuels
Competitive Adsorption of a Multifunctional Amine and Phenol Surfactant with Ethanol on Hematite from Nonaqueous Solution.
C-L Chia, RM Alloway, I Jephson, SM Clarke, SV Filip, FR Siperstein, C Avendaño
– J Phys Chem B
An Anionic Surfactant on an Anionic Substrate: Monovalent Cation Binding.
FJ Allen, LR Griffin, RM Alloway, P Gutfreund, SY Lee, CL Truscott, RJL Welbourn, MH Wood, SM Clarke
– Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids

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