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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Current PhD Student jointly supervised by Professor Clare Grey and Professor Dominic Wright. My research interests lie in designing, synthesising and characterising novel organic and inorganic electrolytes for flow batteries.


Coordination chemistry of the bench-stable tris-2-pyridyl pnictogen ligands [E(6-Me-2-py)3] (E = As, AsO, Sb)
AJ Plajer, D Crusius, RB Jethwa, Á García-Romero, AD Bond, R García-Rodríguez, DS Wright
– Dalton Trans
In situ NMR metrology reveals reaction mechanisms in redox flow batteries
EW Zhao, T Liu, E Jónsson, J Lee, I Temprano, RB Jethwa, A Wang, H Smith, J Carretero-González, Q Song, CP Grey
– Nature
A simple one-step synthetic route to access a range of metal-doped polyoxovanadate clusters
H Lu, RB Jethwa, KJ Jenkinson, AEH Wheatley, H Hao, DS Wright, SD Pike
– Dalton Trans

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01223 763122 (shared)

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