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Department of Chemistry


2nd year PhD student in the Dobson/Kumita group. My research focuses on how post-translational modifications alter the biophysical characteristics of aggregating proteins.


miRNA-based signatures in cerebrospinal fluid as potential diagnostic tools for early stage Parkinson’s disease
MCT Dos Santos, MA Barreto-Sanz, BRS Correia, R Bell, C Widnall, LT Perez, C Berteau, C Schulte, D Scheller, D Berg, W Maetzler, PAF Galante, A Nogueira da Costa
– Oncotarget
Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid proteins as potential biomarkers for early stage Parkinson's disease diagnosis.
MCT Dos Santos, D Scheller, C Schulte, IR Mesa, P Colman, SR Bujac, R Bell, C Berteau, LT Perez, I Lachmann, D Berg, W Maetzler, A Nogueira da Costa
– PloS one
Recent developments in circulating biomarkers in Parkinsons disease: the potential use of miRNAs in a clinical setting
MC Teixeira Dos Santos, R Bell, AN da Costa
– Bioanalysis

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