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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Peter joined the Bender research group at the Centre for Molecular InformaticsĀ in 2018 through a NC3Rs studentship, following an intergrated Master's degree in Chemistry at Imperial College London during which he worked at Pfizer UK Ltd. and spent a year abroad at Universiteit Leiden. His doctoral research involves the following:

  • Mining concurrent gene expression and histopathology in-vivo data to elucidate the genetic and pathway level drivers of organ toxicity such as in the kidney through use of algorithms like WGCNA.
  • Mining the proprietry eToxSys database of in-vivo repeat-dose toxicity studies in order to understand inter-species differences, whether findings seen in short-term high dose studies reflect those seen in long-term low dose studies, and whether certain species are more sensitive to drugs that target specific protein families.
  • Building predictive models for in-vivo effect levels and histopathology readouts by integrating both chemical and biological information such as molecular fingerprints and target-based profiling data.

The overall aim of Peter's research is to increase understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which compounds can cause adverse events, and ultimately develop improved in-silico and in-vitro screens to detect safety risks to avoid unnecessary investments in preclinical and clinical studies.

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