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Dr Peter James Gallimore

I am Postdoctoral Researcher in the group of Dr Markus Kalberer. My research investigates the chemical and physical properties of airborne particles, with particular interests in:

  • Understanding the multiphase processing of organic compounds in the atmosphere
  • Development of novel analytical chemistry techniques for particle analysis
  • Numerical “box” modelling of aerosol chemistry processes
  • Single-particle experiments on bioaerosols, pharmaceutical formulations and atmospherically relevant organics


1064 nm Dispersive Raman Micro-Spectroscopy and Optical Trapping of Pharmaceutical Aerosols
PJ Gallimore, NM Davidson, M Kalberer, FD Pope, AD Ward
– Anal Chem
Measuring Aerosol Phase Changes and Hygroscopicity with a Microresonator Mass Sensor
AT Zielinski, PJ Gallimore, PT Griffiths, RL Jones, AA Seshia, M Kalberer
– Anal Chem
Online molecular characterisation of organic aerosols in an atmospheric chamber using extractive electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry
PJ Gallimore, C Giorio, BM Mahon, M Kalberer
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Multiphase composition changes and reactive oxygen species formation during limonene oxidation in the new Cambridge Atmospheric Simulation Chamber (CASC)
PJ Gallimore, BM Mahon, FPH Wragg, SJ Fuller, C Giorio, I Kourtchev, M Kalberer
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Comprehensive modeling study of ozonolysis of oleic acid aerosol based on real-time, online measurements of aerosol composition
PJ Gallimore, PT Griffiths, FD Pope, JP Reid, M Kalberer
– Journal of Geophysical Research
Fluorescence lifetime imaging of optically levitated aerosol: a technique to quantitatively map the viscosity of suspended aerosol particles.
C Fitzgerald, NA Hosny, H Tong, PC Seville, PJ Gallimore, NM Davidson, A Athanasiadis, SW Botchway, AD Ward, M Kalberer, MK Kuimova, FD Pope
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Rapid interrogation of the physical and chemical characteristics of salbutamol sulphate aerosol from a pressurised metered-dose inhaler (pMDI)
H-J Tong, C Fitzgerald, PJ Gallimore, M Kalberer, MK Kuimova, PC Seville, AD Ward, FD Pope
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Characterising an Extractive Electrospray Ionisation (EESI) source for the online mass spectrometry analysis of organic aerosols
PJ Gallimore, M Kalberer
– Environ Sci Technol
The effect of humidity on the ozonolysis of unsaturated compounds in aerosol particles.
JWL Lee, V Carrascón, PJ Gallimore, SJ Fuller, A Björkegren, DR Spring, FD Pope, M Kalberer
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Hygroscopic growth and cloud activation of pollen: A laboratory and modelling study
PT Griffiths, JS Borlace, PJ Gallimore, M Kalberer, M Herzog, FD Pope
– Atmospheric Science Letters
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