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Discovery of a Potent Nonpeptidomimetic, Small-Molecule Antagonist of Cellular Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein 1 (cIAP1) and X-Linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein (XIAP).
E Tamanini, IM Buck, G Chessari, E Chiarparin, JEH Day, M Frederickson, CM Griffiths-Jones, K Hearn, TD Heightman, A Iqbal, CN Johnson, EJ Lewis, V Martins, T Peakman, M Reader, SJ Rich, GA Ward, PA Williams, NE Wilsher
– Journal of medicinal chemistry
The Synthesis of 3,3-Dimethyl Aza- and Diazaindolines Using a Palladium-Catalysed Intramolecular Reductive Cyclisation
JEH Day, M Frederickson, C Hogg, CN Johnson, A Meek, J Northern, M Reader, G Reid
– Synlett
Structure-Based Design of Type II Inhibitors Applied to Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase.
CN Johnson, C Adelinet, V Berdini, L Beke, P Bonnet, D Brehmer, F Calo, JE Coyle, PJ Day, M Frederickson, EJE Freyne, RAHJ Gilissen, CCF Hamlett, S Howard, L Meerpoel, L Mevellec, R McMenamin, E Pasquier, S Patel, DC Rees, JTM Linders
– ACS medicinal chemistry letters
Fragment-Based Discovery of Type I Inhibitors of Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase
CN Johnson, V Berdini, L Beke, P Bonnet, D Brehmer, JE Coyle, PJ Day, M Frederickson, EJE Freyne, RAHJ Gilissen, CCF Hamlett, S Howard, L Meerpoel, R McMenamin, S Patel, DC Rees, A Sharff, F Sommen, T Wu, JTM Linders
– ACS Med Chem Lett
Hydrobenzamide derivatives as inhibitors of hsp90 : US 8,653,084 B2
M Frederickson, M Vinkovic, BJ Williams, AJ Woodhead, AJ Woolford
Identification of orally bioavailable small-molecule inhibitors of hematopoietic prostaglandin D2 synthase using X-ray fragment based drug discovery
G Saxty, D Norton, K Affleck, D Clapham, A Cleasby, J Coyle, P Day, M Frederickson, A Hancock, H Hobbs, J Hutchinson, J Le, M Leveridge, R McMenamin, P Mortenson, L Page, C Richardson, L Russell, E Sherriff, S Teague, S Uddin, S Hodgson
– Med. Chem. Commun.
Imidazopyridine compounds as selective inhibitors of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFR)
O Querolle, P Angibaud, C Adelinet, X Bourdrez, M Bourgeois, V Caron, H Colombel, I Csoka, J Lacrampe, D Lardeau, Y Ligny, L Mevellec, E Pasquier, I Pilatte, V Poncelet, B Roux, E Sement, Y Simonnet, R Akkari, J Arts, P Benderitter, P Bonnet, W Embrechts, E Freyne, R Gilissen, T Govaerts, P King, S McClue, M Page, L Meerpoel, A Papanikos, T Perera, M Willems, B Wroblowski, R Benning, V Berdini, M Carr, A Cleasby, M Congreve, M Frederickson, C Griffiths-Jones, C Hamlett, E Lewis, A Madin, C Murray, D Rees, S Rich, S Saalau-Bethell, G Saxty, M Squires, N Thompson, E Vicker-Staffe, G Ward, A Woodhead, S Woodhead, H Newell
Preparation of bicyclic heterocycles as anticancer agents : WO 2012/143726 A1
AJ Woolford, S Howard, IM Buck, G Chessari, CN Johnson, E Tamanini, JEH Day, E Chiarparin, TD Heightman, M Frederickson, CM Griffiths-Jones
Discovery of a novel allosteric mechanism for the regulation of HCV NS3/4a protein function present across all genotypes
S Saalau-Bethell, A Woodhead, G Chessari, MG Carr, J Coyle, M Frederickson, B Graham, C Hamlett, S Hiscock, FP Holding, H Jhoti, R McMenamin, C Murray, P Pathuri, M Reader, D Rees, SJ Rich, CJ Richardson, N Thompson, ML Verdonk, M Vinkovic, PA Williams, Y Jeff
Discovery of potent dual inhibitors of both XIAP and cIAP1 using fragment based drug discovery
G Chessari, I Buck, E Chiarparin, J Day, M Frederickson, K Hearn, T Heightman, P Hillmann, A Iqbal, C Johnson, J Lewis, V Martins, C Richardson, T Smythe, E Tamanini, N Thompson, G Ward, G Williams, P Williams, N Wilsher, A Wooford
– Molecular and Cellular Biology
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