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Department of Chemistry


Kirti Prakash is a computer scientist by training (Bachelors and Masters degree) but a biologist at heart (PhD degree). Kirti aspires to develop new imaging and computational methods to solve the conundrums of chromosome structure and function. He did his PhD from Heidelberg University under the tutelage of Christoph Cremer. Here, he developed a new method to image DNA in high-resolution. The method led to the first high-resolution images of the epigenetic landscape of meiotic chromosomes and mechanisms behind chromosome condensation.
After his PhD, he spent about a year in the lab of Joe Gall, where he found that single-molecule switching can be achieved with a mercury lamp. The findings led to the first superresolution images with a low-cost epifluorescence microscope and co-application of STED and SMLM on the same biological sample.
Since 2018, Kirti is working at the University of Cambridge. Firstly, in the group of David Rowitch, he contributed to the development of a high-content imaging pipeline to quantify single-cell gene expression. Presently, in the lab of Dave Klenerman and Ernest Laue, he is developing single-nuclei genomics and microscopy methods to study the organisation of chromosomes.

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