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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Deformable and Robust Core–Shell Protein Microcapsules Templated by Liquid–Liquid Phase‐Separated Microdroplets
Y Xu, Y Shen, TCT Michaels, KN Baumann, D Vigolo, Q Peter, Y Lu, KL Saar, D Vella, H Zhu, B Li, H Yang, APM Guttenplan, M Rodriguez-Garcia, D Klenerman, TPJ Knowles
– Advanced Materials Interfaces
One-Step Generation of Multisomes from Lipid-Stabilized Double Emulsions
MA Czekalska, AMJ Jacobs, Z Toprakcioglu, L Kong, KN Baumann, H Gang, G Zubaite, R Ye, B Mu, A Levin, WTS Huck, TPJ Knowles
– ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
DNA‐Based Nanocarriers to Enhance the Optoacoustic Contrast of Tumors In Vivo
J Joseph, KN Baumann, A Postigo, L Bollepalli, SE Bohndiek, S Hernández-Ainsa
– Advanced Healthcare Materials
DNA-based nanocarriers to enhance the optoacoustic contrast of tumors in vivo
J Joseph, K Baumann, A Postigo, L Bollepalli, S Bohndiek, S Hernández-Ainsa
Continuous Flow Reactors from Microfluidic Compartmentalization of Enzymes within Inorganic Microparticles
TA Hakala, F Bialas, Z Toprakcioglu, B Bräuer, KN Baumann, A Levin, GJL Bernardes, CFW Becker, TPJ Knowles
– ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Complexity in Lipid Membrane Composition Induces Resilience to Aβ42 Aggregation.
M Sanguanini, KN Baumann, S Preet, S Chia, J Habchi, TPJ Knowles, M Vendruscolo
– ACS chemical neuroscience
Coating and Stabilization of Liposomes by Clathrin-Inspired DNA Self-Assembly.
KN Baumann, L Piantanida, J García-Nafría, D Sobota, K Voïtchovsky, TPJ Knowles, S Hernández-Ainsa
– ACS nano
Modulating the Mechanical Performance of Macroscale Fibers through Shear-Induced Alignment and Assembly of Protein Nanofibrils.
A Kamada, A Levin, Z Toprakcioglu, Y Shen, V Lutz-Bueno, KN Baumann, P Mohammadi, MB Linder, R Mezzenga, TPJ Knowles
– Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)
A synthetic enzyme built from DNA flips 107 lipids per second in biological membranes.
A Ohmann, C-Y Li, C Maffeo, K Al Nahas, KN Baumann, K Göpfrich, J Yoo, UF Keyser, A Aksimentiev
– Nature Communications
Outperforming Nature: Synthetic Enzyme Built from DNA Flips Lipids of Biological Membranes at Record Rates
A Ohmann, C-Y Li, C Maffeo, K Al Nahas, KN Baumann, K Gopfrich, J Yoo, UF Keyser, A Aksimentiev
– Biophysical Journal
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