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Stratospheric ozone loss over the Eurasian continent induced by the polar vortex shift
J Zhang, W Tian, F Xie, MP Chipperfield, W Feng, S-W Son, NL Abraham, AT Archibald, S Bekki, N Butchart, M Deushi, S Dhomse, Y Han, P Jöckel, D Kinnison, O Kirner, M Michou, O Morgenstern, FM O'Connor, G Pitari, DA Plummer, LE Revell, E Rozanov, D Visioni, W Wang, G Zeng 
Nature communications 
9, 206

(DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-02565-2)

Zonally asymmetric trends of winter total column ozone in the northern middle latitudes
J Zhang, W Tian, F Xie, W Sang, D Guo, MP Chipperfield, W Feng, D Hu – Climate Dynamic(2018) 1-18

Influence of the Arctic Oscillation on the Vertical Distribution of Wintertime Ozone in the Stratosphere and Upper Troposphere over Northern Hemisphere
J Zhang, F Xie, W Tian, Y Han, K Zhang, Y Qi, MP Chipperfield, W Feng, J Huang, J Shu – Journal of Climate (2017) 30(8), 2905-2919

Delayed effect of Arctic stratospheric ozone on tropical rainfall 
F Xie, J Zhang, W Sang, Y Li, Y Qi, C Sun, Y Li, J Shu – Atmospheric Science Letters (2017) 18 (10), 409-416

Persistent shift of the Arctic polar vortex towards the Eurasian continent in recent decades
J Zhang, W Tian, MP Chipperfield, F Xie, J Huang – Nature Climate Change (2016) 6(12): 1094-1099

Influence of the El Niño southern oscillation on the total ozone column and clear-sky ultraviolet radiation over China
J Zhang,W Tian, F Xie, Y Li, F Wang, J Huang, H Tian – Atmospheric Environment (2015) 120, 205-216 

The influence of ENSO on northern mid-latitude ozone during the winter to spring transition
J Zhang, W Tian, Z Wang, F Xie, F Wang – Journal of Climate (2015) 28(12), 4774–4793

Climate warming and decreasing total column ozone over the Tibetan Plateau during winter and spring
J Zhang, W Tian., F Xie, H Tian, J Luo, J Zhang, W Liu, S Dhomse – Tellus B (2014) 66, 23415

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