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Department of Chemistry



Highly Luminescent Encapsulated Narrow Bandgap Polymers Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole.
A Leventis, J Royakkers, AG Rapidis, N Goodeal, MK Corpinot, JM Frost, D-K Bučar, MO Blunt, F Cacialli, H Bronstein
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Biomimetic Bacterial Identification Platform Based on Thermal Wave Transport Analysis (TWTA) through Surface-Imprinted Polymers
E Steen Redeker, K Eersels, O Akkermans, J Royakkers, S Dyson, K Nurekeyeva, B Ferrando, P Cornelis, M Peeters, P Wagner, H Diliën, B van Grinsven, TJ Cleij
– ACS Infectious Diseases
Label-Free Detection of Small Organic Molecules by Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Functionalized Thermocouples: Toward In Vivo Applications
H Diliën, M Peeters, J Royakkers, J Harings, P Cornelis, P Wagner, E Steen Redeker, CE Banks, K Eersels, B van Grinsven, TJ Cleij
– ACS sensors

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