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Dr Johannes H. Haataja graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics from Aalto University, Finland in 2018 under the supervision of Dr Nikolay Houbenov and Prof Olli Ikkala. His Ph.D. studies focused on 3D characterization and on advanced data analysis methods of self-assembled nanomaterialsForward and inverse problems in the field of nanoscience. The forward problems are indicated by arrows progressing from left to right and conversely for inverse problems. The primary goal is to formulate theories governing the self-assembly from components C to stable structures X. However most efforts has to be put on solving X from measured data Y. (© 2018, J. Haataja), and why the incorporation of such methods becomes necessary as nanoscience progresses  to ever more complex structures.

His current research is focused on quantitative analysis on how structural properties of disordered materials relate to their optical properties.


Mesoporous carbon soft-templated from lignin nanofiber networks: microphase separation boosts supercapacitance in conductive electrodes
M Ago, M Borghei, JS Haataja, OJ Rojas
– RSC Advances
Self-Assembly of a Functional Oligo(Aniline)-Based Amphiphile into Helical Conductive Nanowires.
OA Bell, G Wu, JS Haataja, F Brömmel, N Fey, AM Seddon, RL Harniman, RM Richardson, O Ikkala, X Zhang, CFJ Faul
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Complexation-Driven Mutarotation in Poly(L-proline) Block Copolypeptides
M Gkikas, JS Haataja, J Ruokolainen, H Iatrou, N Houbenov
– Biomacromolecules
Supramolecular amplification of amyloid self-assembly by iodination
A Bertolani, L Pirrie, L Stefan, N Houbenov, JS Haataja, L Catalano, G Terraneo, G Giancane, L Valli, R Milani, O Ikkala, G Resnati, P Metrangolo
– Nature communications
Dendronized Hyperbranched Macromolecules: Soft Matter with a Novel Type of Segmental Distribution.
A Lederer, W Burchard, T Hartmann, JS Haataja, N Houbenov, A Janke, P Friedel, R Schweins, P Lindner
– Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Hidden Structural Features of Multicompartment Micelles Revealed by Cryogenic Transmission Electron Tomography
TI Löbling, JS Haataja, CV Synatschke, FH Schacher, M Müller, A Hanisch, AH Gröschel, AHE Müller
– ACS nano
Extended self-assembled long periodicity and zig-zag domains from helix-helix diblock copolymer poly(γ-benzyl-l-glutamate)-block-poly(O-benzyl-l-hydroxyproline)
M Gkikas, JS Haataja, J Seitsonen, J Ruokolainen, O Ikkala, H Iatrou, N Houbenov
– Biomacromolecules
Halogen-bonded mesogens direct polymer self-assemblies up to millimetre length scale.
N Houbenov, R Milani, M Poutanen, J Haataja, V Dichiarante, J Sainio, J Ruokolainen, G Resnati, P Metrangolo, O Ikkala
– Nature Communications
Supracolloidal multivalent interactions and wrapping of dendronized glycopolymers on native cellulose nanocrystals.
J Majoinen, JS Haataja, D Appelhans, A Lederer, A Olszewska, J Seitsonen, V Aseyev, E Kontturi, H Rosilo, M Österberg, N Houbenov, O Ikkala
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Double smectic self-assembly in block copolypeptide complexes
JS Haataja, N Houbenov, H Iatrou, N Hadjichristidis, A Karatzas, CFJ Faul, P Rannou, O Ikkala
– Biomacromolecules
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