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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Protein Structure Prediction Using a Maximum Likelihood Formulation of a Recurrent Geometric Network
G Qi, MR Tollefson, RA Gogal, RJH Smith, M AlQuraishi, MJ Schnieders
Implicit Solvents for the Polarizable Atomic Multipole AMOEBA Force Field
RA Corrigan, G Qi, AC Thiel, JR Lynn, BD Walker, TL Casavant, L Lagardere, J-P Piquemal, JW Ponder, P Ren, MJ Schnieders
– Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
Structural Insights into Hearing Loss Genetics from Polarizable Protein Repacking
MR Tollefson, JM Litman, G Qi, CE O'Connell, MJ Wipfler, RJ Marini, HV Bernabe, WTA Tollefson, TA Braun, TL Casavant, RJH Smith, MJ Schnieders
– Biophysical journal

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