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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


I earned my Masters (MChem) in applied chemistry from Northumbria University at Newcastle. My Bachelors project was in the synthesis of fluorescent benzimidazole derivatives to be used as enzymatic substrates in bacterial diagnositics. During my Masters project; I designed, built and validated a TCSPC instrument. I have previously developed colorimetric assays to study the mode of action of potential anti Parkinson's drugs and used multi-spectral imaging and k-means clustering algorithms to attempt to identify medieval pigments in manuscript analysis.

While still very much a chemist, my interest in fluorescence spectroscopy has brought me into the Lee Lab and subsequently super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. My project seeks to uses bespoke 3D super-resolution microscopy to observe the molecular mechanisms behind T cell triggering, which is still an area of some debate.


Single molecule light field microscopy
RR Sims, SA Rehman, MO Lenz, SI Benaissa, E Bruggeman, A Clark, EW Sanders, A Ponjavic, L Muresan, SF Lee, K O’Holleran
– Optica

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