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Dr Elizabeth Castillo Martinez

Research Interests:

My research is focused on the search and understanding of structure-property relationship in functional materials. Currently I´m focused on the synthesis, structural and electrochemical characterization of inorganic, organic and hybrid electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage applications. 


Electrochemical performance of novel O3 layered Al,Mg doped titanates as anode materials for Na-ion batteries
S Pérez-Villar, E Castillo-Martínez, JM López del Amo, T Rojo, M Armand
– Materials Research Bulletin
Identifying the Structural Basis for the Increased Stability of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formed on Silicon with the Additive Fluoroethylene Carbonate.
Y Jin, N-JH Kneusels, PCMM Magusin, G Kim, E Castillo-Martínez, LE Marbella, RN Kerber, DJ Howe, S Paul, T Liu, CP Grey
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Polymeric Redox Active Electrodes for Sodium Ion Batteries
N Fernández, P Sánchez-Fontecoba, E Castillo-Martínez, J Carretero-González, T Rojo, M Armand
– ChemSusChem
Metal-Organic Nanosheets Formed via Defect-Mediated Transformation of a Hafnium Metal-Organic Framework.
MJ Cliffe, E Castillo-Martínez, Y Wu, J Lee, AC Forse, FCN Firth, PZ Moghadam, D Fairen-Jimenez, MW Gaultois, JA Hill, OV Magdysyuk, B Slater, AL Goodwin, CP Grey
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Na-Ion Batteries for Large Scale Applications: A Review on Anode Materials and Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation
MÁ Muñoz-Márquez, D Saurel, JL Gómez-Cámer, M Casas-Cabanas, E Castillo-Martínez, T Rojo
– Advanced Energy Materials
Towards environmentally friendly Na-ion batteries: Moisture and water stability of Na2Ti3O7
M Zarrabeitia, E Castillo-Martínez, JM López Del Amo, A Eguía-Barrio, MA Muñoz-Márquez, T Rojo, M Casas-Cabanas
– Journal of Power Sources
Higher voltage plateau cubic Prussian White for Na-ion batteries
MJ Piernas-Muñoz, E Castillo-Martínez, O Bondarchuk, M Armand, T Rojo
– Journal of Power Sources
Electrochemical characterization of NaFe<inf>2</inf>(CN)<inf>6</inf> Prussian Blue as positive electrode for aqueous sodium-ion batteries
AJ Fernández-Ropero, MJ Piernas-Muñoz, E Castillo-Martínez, T Rojo, M Casas-Cabanas
– Electrochimica Acta
Optimizing the electrolyte and binder composition for Sodium Prussian Blue, Na<inf>1-x</inf>Fe<inf>x+(1/3)</inf>(CN)<inf>6</inf>·yH<inf>2</inf>O, as cathode in sodium ion batteries
MJ Piernas-Muñoz, E Castillo-Martínez, JL Gómez-Cámer, T Rojo
– Electrochimica Acta
Response to Comment on "Cycling Li-O₂ batteries via LiOH formation and decomposition".
T Liu, G Kim, J Carretero-González, E Castillo-Martínez, CP Grey
– Science
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