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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


My background is in Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science and Biophysics. My current research interests are novel 3D biological data visualisation tools (Virtual Reality), data processing (pre-processing and post-processing) and data analysis (including AI) for Super-resolution and other advanced microscopes.

I hold a Marie Curie cofund postdoctoral fellowship, participated by the European Commission and the Government of Catalonia. I am also a Trinity College postdoctoral society member.

This fellowship is very Technology Transfer intensive and it is being developed between the LeeLab (Deparment of Chemistry) and Visyon (VR Catalan company).

I love martial arts, and my idols are Newton, Einstein and Bruce Lee!

Oh, I forgot! I've just created my own Start-up company ViRe Instruments  S.L.

Relevant Publications

"vLUME: 3D Virtual Reality for Single-molecule Localization Microscopy"

Daniel Esteban-Ferrer*, Alexander Spark*, Alexandre Kitching*, Anoushka Handa*, Alexander R. Carr, Lisa-Maria Needham, Aleks Ponjavic, Mafalda Da Cunha Santos, James McColl, Christophe Leterrier, Simon J. Davis, Ricardo Henriques, Steven F. Lee

Nature Methods 17, 1097–1099 (2020); doi:


"Electric Polarization Properties of Single Bacteria Measured with Electrostatic Force Microscopy"

Daniel Esteban-Ferrer, Martin A. Edwards, Laura FumagalliAntonio Juárez, Gabriel Gomila

ACS Nano 2014, 8, 10, 9843-9849 (2014); doi:


"Label-free identification of single dielectric nanoparticles and viruses with ultraweak polarization forces"

Laura Fumagalli, Daniel Esteban-Ferrer, Ana Cuervo, Jose L. Carrascosa, Gabriel Gomila

Nature Materials, Vol. 11, p.808 (2012); doi:

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