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Department of Chemistry


Clement is interested in the synthesis and characterisation of polymeric material based on natural sources. In particular, he focuses on hydroxypropyl cellulose, a derivative of cellulose which exhibit a chiral nematic liquid crystalline phase in solution. He hopes to use this material to develop mechanochromic elastomers which retain the biocompatibility of cellulose. In addition, he is interested in developing block copolymers based on cellulose and testing their photonic response.


In 2017, Clement graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MSc (Cantab) in Chemistry. With the support of the Croucher Foundation, he is currently pursuing his PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Silvia Vignolini.


The influence of spacer units on molecular properties and solar cell performance of non-fullerene acceptors
J Zhao, Y Li, J Zhang, L Zhang, JYL Lai, K Jiang, C Mu, Z Li, CLC Chan, A Hunt, S Mukherjee, H Ade, X Huang, H Yan
– Journal of Materials Chemistry A

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