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Department of Chemistry


Charlie graduated with an MChem degree from the University of Sussex in 2015, where they investigated TiO2-mediated VOC photooxidation using a gas-phase flow reactor. They joined the Nano Doctoral Training Centre ( at the University of Cambridge in October 2015. Charlie works jointly between the Scherman (Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis) and Baumberg (NanoPhotonics Centre, Dept. of Physics) groups. Their current research explores the optical behaviour of porphyrin and phthalocyanine complexes in plasmonic nanocavities, with applications in reaction monitoring and catalysis.


Anomalously Large Spectral Shifts near the Quantum Tunnelling Limit in Plasmonic Rulers with Subatomic Resolution
C Readman, B de Nijs, I Szabó, A Demetriadou, R Greenhalgh, C Durkan, E Rosta, OA Scherman, JJ Baumberg
– Nano Lett
Plasmon-Induced Optical Control over Dithionite-Mediated Chemical Redox Reactions
J Huang, B de Nijs, S Cormier, K Sokolowski, D-B Grys, CA Readman, SJ Barrow, OA Scherman, JJ Baumberg
– Faraday discussions
Mapping SERS in CB:Au Plasmonic Nanoaggregates
C Carnegie, R Chikkaraddy, F Benz, B De Nijs, WM Deacon, M Horton, W Wang, C Readman, SJ Barrow, OA Scherman, JJ Baumberg
– ACS Photonics
Effect of nuclear motion on the critical nuclear charge for two-electron atoms
AW King, LC Rhodes, CA Readman, H Cox
– Physical Review A

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