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Department of Chemistry


In my PhD project with Dr. Andreas Bender sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, I am trying to understand the mechanisms of drug side effects through the integration of prior biological knowledge and different kinds of data generated in the drug development process. The overall aim of my research is to contribute to earlier identification of safety risks to increase productivity in drug development while protecting human safety and animal welfare. My current focus is on drug-induced vascular injury which leads to compound termination in pre-clinical studies despite little evidence for any risks to human health. Using gene expression data and histopathological annotations from studies in different model species, I am trying to identify links between drug targets, cellular alterations and these morphological changes which can give further insights on potential causes or consequences of drug-induced vascular injury.

Before my PhD, I studied Molecular Biotechnology with major Bioinformatics at the University of Heidelberg (BSc+MSc), which provided me with a broad background in biomedical and drug research and 2 years of practical research experience through a range of research projects. This included two bigger thesis projects in the field of Systems Biology: Understand cellular information decoding using ODE Systems with Dr. Jürgen Pahle, and Causal Reasoning to infer upstream networks from gene expression with Prof. Julio Saez-Rodriguez. In addition, I worked with experimental and computational approaches based on protein structure.

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