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Alexandre studied Chemistry at the University of Berne, where he obtained his M Sc in 2012 (summa cum laude). He conducted his Master’s thesis in the group of Prof. Martin Lochner, working on the synthesis of 2-aminoethyl diphenylborinate analogues for inhibiting TRPV6-mediated calcium transport. After a civil service stay at Agroscope near Sion, where he was involved in setting up and evaluating optimised irrigation techniques for apricot and apple trees, he joined the group of Prof. Henning Jessen for PhD studies at the University of Zurich. There, his main research focus was on developing novel phosphorylation strategies to enable the synthesis of nucleoside oligophosphates and other biologically relevant polyphosphorylated molecules in a highly modular way. He obtained his PhD in 2016 (with distinction and Legat Price from the Faculty of Science) and was awarded an SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship to work on methods to detect modified adenine DNA bases in the group of Prof. Sir Shankar Balasubramanian. Since mid-2018, he is the holder of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship.


Arabidopsis ITPK1 and ITPK2 Have an Evolutionarily Conserved Phytic Acid Kinase Activity.
D Laha, N Parvin, A Hofer, RFH Giehl, N Fernandez-Rebollo, N von Wirén, A Saiardi, HJ Jessen, G Schaaf
– ACS Chem Biol
Detection, Structure and Function of Modified DNA Bases
A Hofer, ZJ Liu, S Balasubramanian
– J Am Chem Soc
A Phosphoramidite Analogue of Cyclotriphosphate Enables Iterative Polyphosphorylations
J Singh, N Steck, D De, A Hofer, A Ripp, I Captain, M Keller, PA Wender, R Bhandari, HJ Jessen
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Screening a Protein Array with Synthetic Biotinylated Inorganic Polyphosphate to Define the Human PolyP-ome
C Azevedo, J Singh, N Steck, A Hofer, FA Ruiz, T Singh, HJ Jessen, A Saiardi
– ACS Chemical Biology
Substrate recognition and mechanism revealed by ligand-bound polyphosphate kinase 2 structures
AE Parnell, S Mordhorst, F Kemper, M Giurrandino, JP Prince, NJ Schwarzer, A Hofer, D Wohlwend, HJ Jessen, S Gerhardt, O Einsle, PCF Oyston, JN Andexer, PL Roach
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
A 1-phytase type III effector interferes with plant hormone signaling.
D Blüher, D Laha, S Thieme, A Hofer, L Eschen-Lippold, A Masch, G Balcke, I Pavlovic, O Nagel, A Schonsky, R Hinkelmann, J Wörner, N Parvin, R Greiner, S Weber, A Tissier, M Schutkowski, J Lee, H Jessen, G Schaaf, U Bonas
– Nature communications
Inositol Pyrophosphate Specificity of the SPX-Dependent Polyphosphate Polymerase VTC.
R Gerasimaite, I Pavlovic, S Capolicchio, A Hofer, A Schmidt, HJ Jessen, A Mayer
– ACS Chem Biol
The Significance of the Bifunctional Kinase/Phosphatase Activities of Diphosphoinositol Pentakisphosphate Kinases (PPIP5Ks) for Coupling Inositol Pyrophosphate Cell Signaling to Cellular Phosphate Homeostasis.
C Gu, H-N Nguyen, A Hofer, HJ Jessen, X Dai, H Wang, SB Shears
– The Journal of biological chemistry
Chemoselective Dimerization of Phosphates.
A Hofer, E Marques, N Kieliger, S-KN Gatter, S Jordi, E Ferrari, M Hofmann, TB Fitzpatrick, MO Hottiger, HJ Jessen
– Organic letters
Identifying Kinase Substrates via a Heavy ATP Kinase Assay and Quantitative Mass Spectrometry.
AC Müller, R Giambruno, J Weißer, P Májek, A Hofer, JW Bigenzahn, G Superti-Furga, HJ Jessen, KL Bennett
– Sci Rep
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