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Dr Wothers' Book Club

Antimony, Gold and Jupiter's Wolf

Watch the recording of Peter Wothers' Cambridge Festival lecture on how the elements were discovered and named.

Read more at: Cambridge Festival - Virtual Improv Jam

Cambridge Festival - Virtual Improv Jam

CUSI bring a unique blend of science and improv to the masses with a virtual improv 'jam' on 26 March.

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Cambridge Festival Meet the Scientist - The Reisner Laboratory

From Sunlight to Fuel: mimicking nature for fuel production

The Reisner Lab works on using sunlight to produce green fuels and chemicals. Watch our presentation to learn about the amazing world of photocatalysis, and how we draw inspiration from nature to generate hydrogen fuel to combat climate change and promote a more sustainable future. For more information, visit our website.

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Cambridge Festival

The Adventures of Ellie the Electron

What does photocatalysis look like on the nanoscale? Find out through the adventures of Ellie the Electron, a young electron who dreams of exploring the world beyond her hometown Catalyst City. But once Ellie is chosen by a ray of sunshine for a great quest, she must become stronger and braver than ever before as she battles water molecules, floats in hydrogen bubbles and races through the Free Electron Freeway to power our world!

For more information email We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Walters Kundert Charitable Trust which makes this event possible.