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'WellChem' is our own departmental take on wellbeing and we look at all areas of wellbeing, including physical, mental and social" says Kathleen Pickett, Wellbeing Advocate.  Further details on Kathleen and Chung Tu's roles as Wellbeing Advocates in Chemistry are available here.  Some of our initiatives are listed below along with University wellbeing information.

The University has its own Wellbeing website and has also launched an important initiative called Breaking the Silence which supports any person who is affected by harassment issues at work.

The Occupational Health Service is based at 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge. Its staff are available between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday, by appointment, for confidential advice and consultation on all matters relating to work activities. The Service does not provide emergency treatment, and you should contact the Department’s First Aiders for this. 

For help, contact Kathleen Pickett, Welfare, Training and Development Adviser or Marita Walsh, Support Services Manager.