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B11 Complex Step Challenge 2020 | World WalkingWhat is the 'November Team Step challenge'?

It's a departmental WellChem challenge where you compete, as a team, walking, running or climbing during the month of November. Record your individual daily steps in any of these activities and add them to your team total, which will be sublmitted routinely at the end of each week in November by a nominated team member. You can be a virtual member of a team, stepping out on your own or arrange pair/group activities - it's up to you and your team.

A Team Step Challenge Leaderboard will be published each Monday and each teams' monthly step total must be submitted by 30 November midnight - no additional steps can be accepted after this deadline. The winning team will be announced to participants by 5pm on Wednesday 1st December 2021.

Who can take part?

All members of the department can take part and certificates of participation will be issued. A running step table will be shared with participants at the end of each week and the final step table on December 1st. You could also set your own personal targets per day/week/month as 1 mile = 2,000 steps (average), so you may end up walking Cambridge to Calais!

What about the Teams?

Teams will consist of 4 people. You can sign up individually and be allocated to a team or you can sign up as part of/a complete team at the outset. Each team needs to assign one person to be responsible for recording daily/weekly/monthly steps. A weekly total will then be emailed each Friday to Kathleen Pickett including the final submission on 30 November. 

To take part, email Chung Tu by the end of Wednesday 27th October either requesting to be assigned a team or providing details of your team members and a team name. A step challenge record sheet will be avaialable to download from this webpage from October 29th.

Enjoy the challenge!

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking" - Friedrich Nietzsche