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If the University wishes to terminate your employment you will be given, except in the case of serious misconduct, due notice. This will be a period of notice not less than the following:

Period of unbroken service

Notice period

Less than one year

Not less than one week

More than one year but less than five years

Not less than four weeks

More than five years but less than nine years

Not less than eight weeks

Nine years or more

Not less than twelve weeks

The University may not require you to work your period of notice, but instead may pay you in lieu of notice.

In a case where serious misconduct is alleged, the Head of Department may suspend you with pay immediately until the Human Resources Committee makes a decision. If the University considers that there are grounds for dismissal for serious misconduct, you may be summarily dismissed without notice.

You have the right to appeal against the termination of your employment.

For information on termination of employment due to disciplinary, please refer to the University’s Disciplinary Human Resources pages.

Leavers process

The leavers process will be activated when your resignation or notice to retire is received by or your contract is confirmed as ending to either Kathleen Pickett, Welfare, Training and Development Adviser or Marita Walsh, Support Services Manager. 

Upon receipt of resignation or notice to retire you will receive an acceptance letter asking you to return any departmental keys, your Mifare card and any parking permit to the department along with a link to the exit questionnaire. You will also be asked for forwarding contact details in the event that the Department needs to contact you after you have left.


  • Prior to leaving the Department, you must ensure you pass or give access to any work-related information pertinent to your role or research.
  • Information left on an individual’s desktop cannot be retrieved if you have not made arrangements to pass on or share this information.
  • Personal data left on computers is retained for 6 months following the individual last day of employment.

Resignation and notice period

If you wish to resign from your employment with the Department you must inform Marita Walsh, Support Services Manager in writing, providing four weeks’ notice.


The University does not operate a retirement age for assistant staff. Where the employment of a University officer is extended beyond the retirement age, that employment will be in a fixed-term capacity and the individual will move from an established to an unestablished position. However, the University may continue to rely on retirement as a reason for ending the employment relationship at the end of this extended period of employment, including where there have been successive extensions.

The University’s retirement policy/procedures are available on the Human Resources website.

Members of staff may apply to retire earlier than their normal retirement date, but should first seek advice on how this might affect their occupational pension, if appropriate.