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Academic related staff leave

Holiday entitlement runs from 1st October to 30th September and is 41 days for those working full-time (based on a five-day working week, and pro-rata for part-time) inclusive of public holidays (see above for additional bank holiday 2023). For contracts issued for new part-time employees from 1 October 2022, annual leave will be pro rata’d based on days worked. Please click here to access the calculator for pro rata annual leave. This entitlement is pro rata in the holiday year of commencement of employment and in the year your employment terminates. Periods of University closure, other than public holidays will be taken as part of the annual leave. The remaining leave is taken at times that suit both the individual and the department. 

You are required to keep a record of your annual leave. This can be done using the online leave calendar and a user guide is available.The Annual Leave Record Chart can also be used if preferred. A maximum of five days can be carried over by full time staff and pro rata’d according to the number of days worked per week for part time staff. This must be used within three months of the new year.