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Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group


The Centre for Atmospheric Science

CAS is a joint venture within the University of Cambridge. Initially between the University Departments of Chemistry and Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, the Dept. of Geography joined later. In setting up the Centre in 1993, the aim was to promote the environmental research work of the departments and encourage funding for the high quality of research carried out.

The group in the Chemistry Department has a very active research program into all aspects of atmospheric chemistry. There a modelling studies of stratospheric and tropospheric chemistry, using 1D, 2D and 3D models. The group also builds its own instruments for observations of chemical constituents in the atmosphere. There is also research being carried out into the kinetics of reactions important for atmospheric chemistry. In the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, scientists are engaged in studying fundamental dynamical processes; for example mixing processes in atmosphere and the development of new gravity wave parametrizations for atmospheric models. In the Dept. of Geography, research is being carried out into small scale processes such as mixing within plumes and application to volcanic eruptions.

The Centre is one of the premier research groups in the UK for atmospheric research. The Centre publishes numerous papers each year in respected international journals. Scientists in the Centre are involved in numerous high profile research programs. Research funding comes from a number of sources including; the UK Natural Environment Research Council, the UK Science and Engineering Research Council, the European Community and the UK Department of the Environment.


Prof. John Pyle is the Director of the Centre for Atmospheric Science and a lecturer in the Chemistry Department. Contact him for details of degree and post-doctoral positions available within the Chemistry part of the Centre. More information on Prof. Pyle is available here. His email address is:

Prof. Peter Haynes is the Co-Director of the Centre for Atmospheric Science and a member of the Department of the Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Contact him for details of PhD and post-doctoral positions available in DAMTP. More information on Prof. Haynes is available. His email address is :