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Development of potent inhibitors by fragment-linking strategies.
E Bedwell, WJ McCarthy, AG Coyne, C Abell
– Chemical Biology & Drug Design
Structural Characterization of Mycobacterium abscessus Phosphopantetheine Adenylyl Transferase Ligand Interactions: Implications for Fragment-Based Drug Design.
SE Thomas, WJ McCarthy, J El Bakali, KP Brown, SY Kim, M Blaszczyk, V Mendes, C Abell, RA Floto, AG Coyne, TL Blundell
– Frontiers in molecular biosciences
Author Correction: Droplet microfluidics for the highly controlled synthesis of branched gold nanoparticles
S Abalde-Cela, P Taladriz-Blanco, MG de Oliveira, C Abell
– Scientific Reports
Potential therapeutic targets from Mycobacterium abscessus (Mab): recently reported efforts towards the discovery of novel antibacterial agents to treat Mab infections
W Addison, M Frederickson, AG Coyne, C Abell
– RSC Medicinal Chemistry
Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an industrial SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic facility.
JA Douthwaite, CA Brown, JR Ferdinand, R Sharma, J Elliott, MA Taylor, NT Malintan, H Duvoisin, T Hill, O Delpuech, AL Orton, H Pitt, F Kuenzi, S Fish, DJ Nicholls, A Cuthbert, I Richards, G Ratcliffe, A Upadhyay, A Marklew, C Hewitt, D Ross-Thriepland, C Brankin, M Chodorge, G Browne, PK Mander, RM DeWildt, S Weaver, PA Smee, J van Kempen, JG Bartlett, PM Allen, EL Koppe, CA Ashby, JD Phipps, N Mehta, DJ Brierley, DG Tew, MV Leveridge, SM Baddeley, IG Goodfellow, C Green, C Abell, A Neely, I Waddell, S Rees, PH Maxwell, MN Pangalos, R Howes, R Clark
– Scientific reports
Genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in a UK university identifies dynamics of transmission.
D Aggarwal, B Warne, AS Jahun, WL Hamilton, T Fieldman, L du Plessis, V Hill, B Blane, E Watkins, E Wright, G Hall, C Ludden, R Myers, M Hosmillo, Y Chaudhry, ML Pinckert, I Georgana, R Izuagbe, D Leek, O Nsonwu, GJ Hughes, S Packer, AJ Page, M Metaxaki, S Fuller, G Weale, J Holgate, CA Brown, Cambridge Covid-19 testing Centre, University of Cambridge Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Programme Consortium, COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) Consortium, R Howes, D McFarlane, G Dougan, OG Pybus, DD Angelis, PH Maxwell, SJ Peacock, MP Weekes, C Illingworth, EM Harrison, NJ Matheson, IG Goodfellow
– Nature Communications
Discovery of Novel Inhibitors of Uridine Diphosphate‑N‑Acetylenolpyruvylglucosamine Reductase (MurB) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an Opportunistic Infectious Agent Causing Death in Cystic Fibrosis Patients
M Acebrón-García-de-Eulate, J Mayol-Llinàs, MTO Holland, SY Kim, KP Brown, C Marchetti, J Hess, O Di Pietro, V Mendes, C Abell, RA Floto, AG Coyne, TL Blundell
– Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Development of Inhibitors of SAICAR Synthetase (PurC) from Mycobacterium abscessus Using a Fragment-Based Approach
S Charoensutthivarakul, SE Thomas, A Curran, KP Brown, JM Belardinelli, AJ Whitehouse, M Acebrón-García-de-Eulate, J Sangan, SG Gramani, M Jackson, V Mendes, RA Floto, TL Blundell, AG Coyne, C Abell
– ACS Infect Dis
A new strategy for hit generation: Novel in cellulo active inhibitors of CYP121A1 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis via a combined X-ray crystallographic and phenotypic screening approach (XP screen)
M Frederickson, IR Selvam, D Evangelopoulos, KJ McLean, MM Katariya, RB Tunnicliffe, B Campbell, ME Kavanagh, S Charoensutthivarakul, RT Blankley, CW Levy, LPS de Carvalho, D Leys, AW Munro, AG Coyne, C Abell
– Eur J Med Chem
Microdroplets confined assembly of opal composites in dynamic borate ester-based networks
J Zhang, Y Qin, OJ Pambos, J Zhang, S Chen, Z Yu, C Abell
– Chemical Engineering Journal
Droplet-based microfluidic screening and sorting of microalgal populations for strain engineering applications.
Z Yu, K Geisler, T Leontidou, REB Young, SE Vonlanthen, S Purton, C Abell, AG Smith
– Algal Res
Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis CoaBC through Chemical Inhibition of 4'-Phosphopantothenoyl-l-cysteine Synthetase (CoaB) Activity.
JC Evans, D Murugesan, JM Post, V Mendes, Z Wang, N Nahiyaan, SL Lynch, S Thompson, SR Green, PC Ray, J Hess, C Spry, AG Coyne, C Abell, HIM Boshoff, PG Wyatt, KY Rhee, TL Blundell, CE Barry, V Mizrahi
– ACS Infectious Diseases
A small-molecule inhibitor of the BRCA2-RAD51 interaction modulates RAD51 assembly and potentiates DNA damage-induced cell death
DE Scott, NJ Francis-Newton, ME Marsh, AG Coyne, G Fischer, T Moschetti, AR Bayly, TD Sharpe, KT Haas, L Barber, CR Valenzano, R Srinivasan, DJ Huggins, M Lee, A Emery, B Hardwick, M Ehebauer, C Dagostin, A Esposito, L Pellegrini, T Perrior, G McKenzie, TL Blundell, M Hyvönen, J Skidmore, AR Venkitaraman, C Abell
– Cell Chem Biol
Inhibiting Mycobacterium tuberculosis CoaBC by targeting an allosteric site.
V Mendes, SR Green, JC Evans, J Hess, M Blaszczyk, C Spry, O Bryant, J Cory-Wright, DS-H Chan, PHM Torres, Z Wang, N Nahiyaan, S O'Neill, S Damerow, J Post, T Bayliss, SL Lynch, AG Coyne, PC Ray, C Abell, KY Rhee, HIM Boshoff, CE Barry, V Mizrahi, PG Wyatt, TL Blundell
– Nature communications
A fragment-based approach to assess the ligandability of ArgB, ArgC, ArgD and ArgF in the L-arginine biosynthetic pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
P Gupta, SE Thomas, SA Zaidan, MA Pasillas, J Cory-Wright, V Sebastián-Pérez, A Burgess, E Cattermole, C Meghir, C Abell, AG Coyne, WR Jacobs, TL Blundell, S Tiwari, V Mendes
– Comput Struct Biotechnol J
Chemical validation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase using fragment linking and CRISPR interference
J El Bakali, M Blaszczyk, J Evans, J Boland, W McCarthy, M Dias, A Coyne, V Mizrahi, T Blundell, C Abell, C Spry
Correction to Fragment-Based Design of Mycobacterium tuberculosis InhA Inhibitors
M Sabbah, V Mendes, RG Vistal, DMG Dias, M Záhorszká, K Mikušová, J Korduláková, AG Coyne, TL Blundell, C Abell
– Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Fragment-based discovery of a new class of inhibitors targeting mycobacterial tRNA modification
SE Thomas, AJ Whitehouse, K Brown, S Burbaud, JM Belardinelli, J Sangen, R Lahiri, MDJ Libardo, P Gupta, S Malhotra, HIM Boshoff, M Jackson, C Abell, AG Coyne, TL Blundell, RA Floto, V Mendes
– Nucleic acids research
Using a Fragment-Based Approach to Identify Alternative Chemical Scaffolds Targeting Dihydrofolate Reductase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
JA Ribeiro, A Hammer, GA Libreros-Zúñiga, SM Chavez-Pacheco, P Tyrakis, GS de Oliveira, T Kirkman, J El Bakali, SA Rocco, ML Sforça, R Parise-Filho, AG Coyne, TL Blundell, C Abell, MVB Dias
– ACS Infectious Diseases
Spatially Controlled Supramolecular Polymerization of Peptide Nanotubes by Microfluidics
A Méndez‐Ardoy, A Bayón‐Fernández, Z Yu, C Abell, JR Granja, J Montenegro
– Angewandte Chemie