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Many leftover pots of paint from the Maintenance Department that might otherwise have gone to waste have instead been recycled, thanks to the efforts of Maintenance staff member Kevin Brown.

Wanting to dispose of them in a responsible way, he suggested using the Community RePaint scheme. This is a national initiative that prevents usable paints being needlessly landfilled by collecting them and redistributing them to community schemes across the country that need them. Our nearest RePaint scheme is in March. 

Kevin says: "I had used them before I came to work in the department, and I think it's a good thing to do. So I suggested we use them here."

But there is a charge for the charity to collect the paint. So Kevin turned for help to Green Impact champion Richard Turner who had negotiated a budget from the department to be used for Green Impact initiatives.

"It's a good use of the money," Richard says. "It means that the community can make use of material that would otherwise have been disposed of as hazardous waste."  

  • Community RePaint is listed in the A to Z of recycling which gives details on where all common items can be recycled at the University.