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The Sustainability committee

Over 22 members of the department attended the first meeting of the Sustainability Committee in July 2023, in a move to encourage better sustainability practices here.

The meeting was chaired by second-year Forse group PhD student Chloe Balhatchet, who has been the driving force behind setting up the committee and enlisting departmental support. Chloe is actively involved in sustainability programmes in the department, her college and the University, and was recently awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Award in Sustainability for her activities. 

Green impact team moving forward

The University Green Impact environmental accreditation scheme encourages departments and colleges to reduce their environmental impact. Teams sign up on-line, and progress through simple, clear and easy criteria towards awards and targets. Back in 2015-16, the "Chem Green Imps Team" helped the department achieve a Green Impact Silver Award! The Sustainability committee will now become part of the Green impact team and keep the agenda moving forward.

Ways to reduce your impact 

  • Join the Cambridge tradition and get on your bike: Did you know the University has provided a number of bicycle repair stations throughout the city in case you get stuck?
  • Use jugs of tap water instead of bottled water in meeting rooms
  • Use cloth shopping bags instead of plastic ones
  • Read electronic journals, not printed ones
  • For Mountain Recycling to handle our waste, separate food waste from dry waste

Check out the Green Impact noticeboard for up to date information of University iniatives and up coming events.