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We had several department members wearing jumpers – some “sillier” than others! I’m not sure the stationery amnesty was very successful (as we anticipated), however the cycling information seemed to go down well for those who came over.

The Green Board 

This was a list of ideas about being more green, which people could add to as they pleased. The list is in the photo below, and I’ve transcribed it here with additional points that came up in conversations.

  • More info on recycling plastic at work please. Also reassurances that green bins do go to be recycled.
  • Cycle to work
  • Use train
  • Do not buy bottled water
  • Do not have bottled water in meeting rooms – have jugs of tap water instead
  • Cycle or walk to work
  • Turn heating off during the day and put my fluffy slippers on
  • Reuse supermarket bags and use non-disposable mugs
  • Wear a jumper instead of turning on the heating
  • Use cloth shopping bags instead of plastic
  • Read electronic journals not printed ones
  • Car share
  • Flow chemistry (this one may be a joke, I’m not sure??)

Folding bike challenge

22 members of the department had a go at the folding bike challenge, with Ricardo at the top of the leaderboard with 37.28 seconds! Head of Department John Pyle took a respectable 1 minute 26.1 seconds.

Michelle Cain        Picture credit to Gabriella Bocchetti, Dept of Chemistry