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Current Postgraduate Students


Postgraduate Education in the Department of Chemistry is based on core topics running annually and other specialist topics running on an ad hoc basis, providing each student with at least one opportunity to attend each of the courses during their time here. To keep up to date on courses available please visit the the Postgraduate Education Programme Hub. You will also receive reminders via email , so please keep a look out! If you have any suggestions or ideas on course provisions that you would like, please contact the Postgraduate Team via the Training Teams channel.

The Department of Chemistry aims to provide all with equal support, regardless of your funding stream or programme.  Our training programme has evolved over the last few years and will continue to do so based upon feedback/ consultation:

  • Student feedback
  • Recommendations from the Postgraduate Education Committee
  • Consultation with each RIG followed by discussion/ decision making at the Faculty Meeting

Here's what is on offer:

  • A selection of annual courses, some of which are compulsory and optional but highly recommended
  • A selection of optional specialist courses (for example Philosphy for Chemists and many more). Please keep an eye out for emails and reguarly check UTBS for new courses;
  • Careers Programme
  • Researcher Development

Some courses are categorised based on course type. Below are the abbreviations for these catergories:

  • Information Systems (IS)
  • Foundation Skills (FS)
  • Careers Programme (CP)
  • Characterisation Techniques (CT)

Courses offered within the Department for the current year will be published on the Postgraduate Education Programme Hub . You will be able either to access the courses or self-enrol via Moodle using the links on the 'Hub'. Sometimes the course materials will be uploaded before the lectures occur but most often, you will find that they are uploaded after the event has taken place.

If you have problems accessing the courses, please e-mail the Postgraduate Education Team. If you have any content questions or cannot find the materials for a course you have attended, please e-mail the person who delivered the course to request that they upload it, copying in Postgraduate Education.

We strongly recommend that you take advice at a very early stage from your Supervisor on the selection of courses and training, that will be best suited to you. Making the right, informed, decisions early on will help you plan your time effectively and enrich your overall post graduate experience here.