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Current Postgraduate Students


Below Please find a list of the Postgraduate Education Programmes running in the academic year 2021/2022.

This details of these course will be updated regularly.  All enrolments for courses will be run through moodle , so please use the sign up link to register for the course once it has gone live.

Date Course   Description Location Signup Link
Characterisation Techniques
13/10/21 CT1 - An Introduction to Characterisation

Compulsory for MPhil & 1st Year PhD

A series of talks which will help you to understand how to get the most out of your departmental Charaterisation facilities BMS Lecture Theatre 12:30-13:30 Sign up via Moodle
Information Systems ( IS)
TBC IS3 -Research Information Skills for Graduates Compulsory for MPhil & 1st Year PhD This compulsory online course will equip you with the skills required to manage the research information you will need to gather throughout your graduate course, as well as the publications you will produce yourself. It will also help you enhance your online research profile and measure the impact of research Online Not yet live
TBC IS4-Research Data Management Compulsory for MPhil & 1st Year PhD   Online Not yet live
Foundation Skills ( FS)
TBC FS1 - Successful Completion of a Research Degree Compulsory for MPhil & 1st Year PhD An hour devoted to discussion of how to plan your time effectively on a day to day basis, how to produce a dissertation/ thesis, and the esssential requirements of an experimental section.   Not yet live
TBC FS3- Integrity and Ethics in Research Compulsory for MPhil & 1st Year PhD A thorough awareness of issues relating to research ethics and research integrity are essential to producing excellent research. This session will provide an introduction to the ethical responsibilities of researchers at the University, publication ethics and research integrity. It will be interactive, using case studies to better understand key ethical issues and challenges in all areas   Not yet live
TBC FS4-Unconscious Bias Compulsory for MPhil & 1st Year PhD Unconscious Bias refers to the biases we hold that are not in our conscious control. Research shows that these biases can adversely affect key decisions in the workplace. The session will enable you to work towards reducing the effects of unconscious bias for yourself and within your organisation. Using examples that you will be able to relate to, we help you to explore the link between implicit bias and the impact on the organisation. The overall aim of the session is to provide participants with an understanding of the nature of Unconscious Bias and how it impacts on individual and group attitudes, behaviours and decision-making processes   Not yet live
TBC FS11-Scientific Writing Highly Reccommended     Not yet live
TBC FS13-LaTeX Highly Reccommended This hands-on course teaches the basics of Latex including syntax, lists, maths equations, basic chemical equations, tables, graphical figures and internal and external referencing. We also learn how to link documents to help manage large projects. The course manual is presented in the style of a thesis and since you also receive the source code you also receive a template for a thesis   Not yet live
TBC FS15-Creating Publications Quality Figures (I): Plotting Data, Images and Media Highly Reccommended "The first half of this session will cover an overview of Raytracing versus 3D Modelling, an introduction to the free Raytracing programme Povray, running Povray (command line options). Making and manipulating simple shapes, camera tricks (depth of field, angle of view) and using other software to generate Povray input (e.g. Jmol) The second half of the session is an introduction to 3D modelling and animation using the open source programme Blender. This will cover the installation and customisation of the Blender interface for use with chemical models, how to import chemical structures from Jmol and the protein data base (PDB), the basics of 3D modelling, and an introduction to Key-frame animation. No previous experience with either 3D modelling or animation is required"   Not yet live
TBC FS16/17/18- PhD Thesis Submission and the viva Experience Highly Reccommended     Not yet live
TBC FS20-Postgraduate Student Leadership Course Highly Reccommended     Not yet live
TBC FS25-English Language Provision for Scientific Writing Highly Reccommended     Not yet live
TBC FS29-Fortran 90/95 for Physical Scientists Highly Reccommended You will be introduced to Fortran 90/95 and provided with materials which cover the basics of Fortran 90/95 with an emphasis on applications in the physical sciences. The key concepts of loops, functions, subroutines, modules, and other standard Fortran syntax will be introduced sequentially.   Not yet live
Specialist Courses (SC)
TBC Green Chemistry Highly Reccommended This course will provide an overview of Sustainable Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry   Not yet live
TBC Statisctics for Chemists Highly Reccommended This course is made up of 8 sessions which will be based around   Not yet live
Career Programmes ( FS)
TBC CP1 - Career options after a PhD Highly Reccommended Chemistry PhD students have many options after graduation. In this 1-hour session we will explore the pros and cons of different career choices. We will also consider how to assess which options would work for you.   Not yet live
TBC CP2 -Career options after a PhD (2) Highly Reccommended In this second 1-hour session we will focus on generating specific job ideas, how you might structure your careers ‘research’, key questions to ask and timelines for starting your ‘search’ for your next step after Cambridge   Not yet live