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Current Postgraduate Students

The Postgraduate Education Committee is a forum for discussion and decision-making regarding the following matters:

  • Welfare and support of postgraduates in the department
  • Development and implementation of postgraduate courses (RD & Academic)
  • Oversight of the Graduate recruitment and admissions process, including allocation of Research Council Departmental Studentships
  • Ranking postgraduate applications for University Scholarship competitions
  • Consideration of any non-straightforward postgraduate applications and making academic cases to support applications that do not meet the Department's minimum academic standards
  • Allocation of Travel Grants to postgraduates
  • Oversight of the 1st year probationary assessment process
  • Liaison with the Physics and Chemistry Degree Committee
  • Liaison with the School of Physical Sciences Graduate Education Committee, for which this Committee must provide a representative.

Points of contact

The Director of Postgraduate Education for the department acts as the chair.

The Head of Postgraduate Education, Postgraduate Student Coordinator, Postgraduate Education Manager, and Postgraduate Education Administrator normally serve as the first point of contact for students and/or Supervisors who have issues within the department regarding any aspect of the graduate student experience. Where appropriate, such issues will be directed to the Director of Postgraduate Education for advice and decision-making.     

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee meets at least once each term and additionally at times appropriate for ranking applications.

Record of meetings

The Postgraduate Education and Admissions administrator takes the minutes, which are circulated to faculty.


  • Academic Secretary
  • Head of Postgraduate Education
  • Postgraduate Education Manager
  • Academic representative from all RIGs: Upon joining the Postgraduate Education Committee, the terms of service will be for 3 years which the academic may review should they wish to
  • Two PhD student representatives

Current members include: