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Current Postgraduate Students


The Degree Committee policies below were approved as of 28 April 2017

1. Each Principal Supervisor will normally be responsible for no more than 8 research students, though in many cases the subject culture and departmental support structures support significantly larger groups.

2. Under delegated power from the Degree Committee, the department Graduate Academic lead may permit a Supervisor to exceed this usual maximum where evidence of good supervisory practice exists. The dominant criteria in approving the number of research students allocated to a specific Supervisor is the balance of support structures, at group and Departmental level, and internal research group balance.

3. Factors including, but not limited to, the submission and completion rates of the Supervisor’s previous students, progress reporting, research group structure, and other demands on the Supervisor’s time may be taken into consideration.

4. Restriction of the number of research students allocated to any Principal Supervisor is one option of several that will be adopted to manage any identified problems.

5. The Degree Committee will produce annual figures of the number of students assigned to each Principal Supervisor for circulation to each Department. Each Department Graduate Office will be responsible for monitoring the number of students assigned to each Supervisor and for applying this policy.

You may also read the policy pages of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry for a little more information