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Current Postgraduate Students



You need to ensure that you have read and understood the University’s rules about how to acknowledge and reference the work of others in your written report. This is very important and breaches of these rules are taken very seriously. You should also be aware that plagiarism-detecting software (Turnitin) may be used to analyse your report if there is reason to suspect that plagiarism has occurred. The University no longer require Faculties and Departments wishing to use Turnitin UK to obtain the explicit consent of students to submit their assessed work to the software. This applies to both new and existing students. For more information on the University plagiarism rules, please see Research Best Practice.


Students who have completed and been examined for an MPhil before starting a PhD in the same subject often have concerns about self-plagiarism when it comes to writing their first year probationary report, if the PhD project is a continuation of the MPhil work.

If previously examined MPhil research forms part of the background work for the PhD project, the student should state in the report Introduction the extent to which they have drawn on that work. It is recognised that the phrasing and content of the Introduction of the report is likely to be very similar to the MPhil introduction and this is acceptable. However, it must be entirely updated for submission as part of the first year report. The 'Results and Discussion' section should only include original work which has been conducted in the probationary year. Where it is absolutely essential to include parts (e.g. tables, diagrams etc.) of the work previously examined, these must be clearly identified/ referenced in the text. The assessors should be in no doubt as to what work the student has completed in their probationary year towards their PhD research and it is this that will be assessed.