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Current Postgraduate Students


Mentoring has been defined in many different ways, but is basically a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience, to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.  In our Department, we have recognised that, in addition to the Academic Mentor, it may also prove very valuable for students to have access to both Peer-to-peer mentors and Postdoc mentors.

The Peer-to-peer Mentoring scheme is designed to create support for the new intake of graduate students from those who have just completed their first year of PhD study (sometimes more) in the Department.  All students going into their second year will be assigned incoming first year students (or second/third years that have also volunteered) to mentor in an informal way.  Procedurally, it has been agreed that:

  • All incoming first years will be assigned two peer-to-peer mentors:
    • One from a group in the same RIG (but not their group)
    • One from a group in a different RIG.
  • Incoming students will be put in touch with their Peer-to-peer Mentors prior to arrival in Cambridge.
  • There will be an event shortly after Induction Week where the new intake can meet their Peer-to-peer Mentors in an informal setting.

Peer-to-peer mentors can be expected to provide informal advice on arriving in and being in Cambridge but it should not be seen as a major time commitment and as such, mentors should not normally be expected to provide support in serious matters: students requiring this type of support should approach one of our Departmental Tutors or their College Graduate Tutor.